Certificates & Security


Your personal data in your vault. And only you have the key.

When you create your digital ID wallet, you are asked to define a PIN. This PIN is never stored anywhere and is used to encrypt your data before it gets stored – with maximum security encryption algorithms. Therefore, your stored ID data is unreadable, even to us. Every time a company wants to read your data, you have to provide a PIN (alongside a second security factor) to decrypt the data. When you give your permission, we decrypt, deliver – and forget the decrypted data.



The more trustworthy you are, the more services you can get.

Your ID wallet can (and should) get stronger. You can trigger ID verification actions (i.e., connect your ID wallet with your LinkedIn account), which increases the trustworthiness (or „power“) of your ID wallet. The more powerful your ID wallet gets, the more services you will be able to consume in a digital world. For example, to get a bank loan, you will need to build your ID wallet to a powerful level.



You decide who gets to see which ID data. No data is shared without your explicit consent.

Every time you decide to share your ID data with a company, the company has to precisely define which data it needs. You can then transparently review the data the company requested and decide if you are willing to share it with the company or not. All of this is implemented in a simple and frictionless interface that is easy to use for everyone.



Identyum ID Wallet is the first EBSI-compliant ID Wallet in SEE.

EBSI is the EU blockchain-based infrastructure on which future EU ID wallets will be based, according to the eIDAS 2.0 directive, which is currently in final preparation before being sent to the EU Parliament, with the primary goal to define the legal framework for future ID wallets. With the ID wallet, the user can digitally identify himself in the physical and online world while having complete control over the data he wants to share. The user should create his Identyum ID Wallet to use the services of the Identyum NOW portal.

We are certified

Identyum ID Wallet is compliant with GDPR, EBSI EU, ISO 27001 & ISO 27701.

Your ID Wallets are safe

Identyum ID Wallet is protected with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and eIDAS EAL4+ & QSCD technology.