Enables the electronic signing of documents in PDF format.


Sign ensures the legal validity and authenticity of electronic signatures created using the Sign service in any court in the EU, thanks to the eIDAS Regulation.


Sign ensures that the electronic signature is firmly connected to the identity of the signatory, thus giving the signature a higher level of credibility, especially in the event of litigation and the need to prove the signature.


A standard SES, or advanced AES eIDAS signature is created, using the standard and/or advanced certificate located in the Identyum ID Wallet of each user.

75.000 users

“Identyum SIGN has helped us get rid of the paperwork. We are now fully digital company.”

What is SIGN?

Sign allows the user to send a PDF for signature to any other person, without the other person having any existing means or certificate to create a signature.

Identyum NOW web portal allows users to obtain a certificate and create an electronic signature without the need to physically go to the registration offices, have a smart card reader, USB device or similar (only a smartphone and Internet connection are required, and an ID document for the first login) easily and automatically.

Who can use SIGN?

You as an Individual

Use Sign for exchange and remote electronic signing of documentation with your friends, family, and colleagues: 

  • Rental/Lease Agreements
  • Vehicle Sales Agreements
  • Confirmations
  • Statements, etc.
Your Organization

Users can use Sign for the exchange and remote electronic signing of documentation within its business environment (between employees/departments, etc.).

EXAMPLES: Board decisions, Employment contracts, Operational records, Work assignments, Project documentation, Travel warrants, Reports and meeting minutes, Salary records, Cash receipts, Employee notes and confirmations, Monthly invoices, etc.

Sign can be used for exchange and remote electronic signing outside the organization by sending documentation to customers / clients / business partners or any other party outside the business environment while being sure of the authenticity of the other party’s identity and electronic signature.

EXAMPLES: Commercial contracts, Orders, Different confirmations, Reports and meeting minutes, Customer complaints, Different forms, requests, polls etc.

Watch the video

Watch the Explainer video and Learn how to use SIGN service. 

How to use SIGN?

Go to Identyum NOW web portal

Create your Identyum ID Wallet

Drag and drop or upload a document

Sign the pdf with your electronic signature

Enter the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number

Send the signed document to the recipient