Certificates & Security


Your personal data in your vault. And only you have the key.

When you create your Identyum ID Wallet, you are asked to define a PIN. This PIN is never stored anywhere and it is used to access a key to encrypt your data before it gets stored – with maximum security encryption algorithms. Therefore, your stored personal data is unreadable, even to us. Every time someone requests authorization to access your private data, you have to provide this PIN to decrypt the data they requested. When you give your permission and your PIN, the requested data is decrypted, delivered (encrypted with the requesting side’s key) and immediately deleted from our system.



Data in your ID wallet are highly secure.

Your Identyum ID Wallet is protected with strong authentication factors based on face biometrics. In today’s world where phishing attacks are growing exponentially, biometrics-based authentication ensures that the data in your ID wallet remains highly secure and resilient to any phishing or other types of hacking attempts.



You decide who gets to see which personal data. No data is shared without your explicit consent.

Every time the other party (i.e. a bank) requires some of your personal identity-related data, it has to precisely define which data it wants to access. You can then transparently review the personal data that the other party requested, and decide if you are willing to share it with them or not. All of this is implemented in a simple and frictionless interface that is easy to use for everyone.

We are certified

Identyum ID Wallet is compliant with GDPR, ISO 27001 & ISO 27701.

Your ID Wallets are safe

Your personal data in Identyum ID Wallet is secured with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and eIDAS EAL4+ & QSCD technology.

Identyum ID Wallet is protected with strong ISO 30107-3 Level 1 & 2 certified biometric authentication.