As a rapidly expanding financial consulting and accounting company, financial data entry is a crucial process. Thanks to FinCheck, we’ve significantly accelerated it, while ensuring compliance with regulations and data security at the same time.

Aleksandra Ignatoski, Aestus Accounting


“As a large company with about 300 employees spread across 5 separate business units, managing paperwork was a significant challenge. However, implementing electronic signing through Identyum Sign has allowed us to simplify and digitise our business processes, greatly improving efficiency and reducing the burden of paperwork management.”

Siniša Žulić, Istarski vodovod d.o.o.

“Identyum Sign service allows us to sign and send documents instantly. This way we can process large volumes of documents much faster which is essential in our business.”

Roberto Gobo, Valamar Riviera d.d.

“Identyum is a great tool to identify our new customers. It helps us to identify new customers faster, enable digital loan approval process and during that process increase the level of security around personal data of customers, protect their personal data and give them full control over them.”

Matko Perleta, Ferratum Croatia

“As a company, we’re very concerned with the security and safety of the information that our clients provide us, so Identify was the perfect solution for our KYC needs. The process is quite simple and straightforward for both our clients and for us.”

Marko Porobija, Porobija i Špoljarić