Digital onboarding (KYC)

You’ve got a new custumer. You want to be sure they’re who they say they are. And you want to get them on board as fast as possible.

Identify can help you do both of those things — and more.

It’s a digital onboarding (KYC) solution that makes it easy for you to collect the information you need while providing your customers with a secure, reliable way of providing it. With Identify, you can check an individual’s age, name, address, and NIN number against official records from all over Europe. All of this information is collected in one place for a high level of confidence in the authenticity of information about another person’s identity.

50.000+ users

“Identify lets us know all the information we need to make sure our customer is a real person. I love that I don’t have to deal with fake customers anymore!”

What is Identify?

With Identify, your customers can use their smartphone or computer to complete their digital onboarding in just a few clicks. They’ll give you all the information from their identification document or only the specific data points that relate directly to the purpose of their onboarding process (e.g., address). And when they’re done, you’ll have 24/7 access to accurate and reliable identity data that will help streamline communication between you and them, reduce costs associated with manual verification processes, and minimize risks associated with fraud and other legal violations.

Identify will help your business stay compliant with GDPR and AML regulations while making sure that customers can interact with your company confidently. And there’s no need for them to come into your office—all they have to do is use our service and submit their details! This saves time for both parties and ensures that everyone gets what they need faster than ever before.

Identity is the new currency

At Identyum, we believe that your customers are looking for a digital experience that makes them feel special, and we’re here to help you give it to them.

When you use our Identify service to digitally identify your customers, you can expect:

  • Minimizing the risk of fraud through our effective digital identification process.
  • An automated onboarding process that saves time and money.
  • Speeding up communication with them and making sure they’re always happy with their experience.
  • The ability to access accurate and reliable identity data at all hours of the day, so they’ll never have to wait around for your company to open again.
  • Differentiation from other businesses that don’t use digital processes like ours — and an edge over the competition!

Identify enables:

Remote digital identification

Request remote digital identification of your customers and employees any time and any place.

Confirmation of personal data

Confirm age, name, address, date of birth, sex, nationality and NIN number of your customers and employees.

Validation of personal data

Check if your customers or companies you are doing business with, are registered in a public database or not.

Selective disclosure

While you request which data about your customers you need, the customer can decide if he wants to share them with you.