Financial parameters extraction

Are you dealing with a lot of fraud and false claims? Want to know more about the other party’s financial data, but don’t have time to do the research?

FinCheck is a digital and automated service that provides businesses and startups with credible information about the financial parameters of their customers. We’ve made it easy for you to retrieve all kinds of data about your customers’ financial activity in one place.

“FinCheck is the fastest, most secure way to verify our customers’ financial information that we have used. With FinCheck we are always sure that our customers aren’t involved in any fraud or money laundering.”

What is Fincheck?

With Identyum’s AISP license, you’ll be able to retrieve financial information about your customers much faster than ever — with just a few clicks! You’ll also be able to keep track of multiple bank accounts at once, so all their transactions will be visible in one place when you use FinCheck.

Our AML compliance feature makes sure that FinCheck complies with all government regulations regarding customer privacy and confidentiality. And we’re PSD2 compliant as well, which means that you can use our platform without worrying about any legal issues.

FinCheck is the fastest, most secure way to verify your customers’ financial information.

With FinCheck, you can retrieve a customer’s bank account number in under a minute.

Do you want to know if your customer has enough money to buy what you’re selling? You can check that in less than 60 seconds.

Do you want to make sure your customer isn’t involved in fraud or money laundering? You can check that by looking at their past transactions and seeing if there are any red flags.