Identyum APIs

Identyum uses the OAuth 2.0 standard to ensure secure communication between different systems.

After integration with Identyum, the client company sends inquiries via the API specifying the required amount of information it wants to retrieve, and after successfully authorizing the end user, Identyum returns an authorization code that the client company can exchange for a token for which the end-user has previously given his consent for retrieval).

By implementing a refresh token, multiple data retrievals are enabled over time without the need for the end-user to re-authenticate with each retrieval if he has previously given his consent for multiple data retrievals.

Authentication APIs

APIs that allow the company to offer its end users a fast, secure, and easy login via Identyum ID Wallet.

Using OAuth 2.0 in the background, end users can authenticate two-factor (or even three-factor) securely, quickly, and efficiently when logging in to any company application. The OpenID Connect upgrade ensures user identification and the single sign-on principle if needed.

This significantly raises the company’s internal level of security management of the personal data of its users without the need for procurement, implementation, and long-term integration of complex and very expensive 2FA or 3FA authentication systems.

KYC APIs for identity verification

APIs that provide the possibility of remote legally valid identification, i.e. “digital onboarding”.

Fully compliant with the provisions preventing money laundering and terrorist financing (AML6 Directive). The process flow is fully adapted to the client company’s needs (and even different scenarios with the same client) through dynamic scope determination when calling APIs and mechanisms for selective sharing of personal data.

APIs for eIDAS electronic signing

By using Identyum identification technology combined with cloud certification, client companies can fully automate legally valid e-signature of documents with their end-users.

It can be used internally with employees, 24/7, from any location, without requiring end-users to install special software or for users to have specialized devices (such as smart card readers or USB sticks). APIs enable full automation of sending documents for signature, notifications to recipients, distribution, and storage of documents after signature for both sender and recipient.

APIs for bank data extraction (PSD2 AISP)

Identyum offers APIs for the extraction of bank data.

As a licensed PSD2 Account Information Service Provider (AISP) across the EU, Identyum offers APIs through which client companies can retrieve data on bank payment accounts, balances, and transactions on these accounts, whether about natural or legal persons. Of course – with the prior explicit consent of the end-user.