December 14, 2022
by: Identyum

Identyum is a member of EUDI Wallet Consortium (EWC), which has been selected by the European Commission to participate in EU Digital Identity Wallet Large Scale Pilots.

The EUDI Wallet Consortium (EWC) is focused on a high volume, high adoption use case that is central to peoples’ online lives and will pilot travel use cases, demonstrating how eIDAS will transform the safety, security and convenience of eCommerce within a context that is familiar to huge numbers of European citizens.

With over 60 participants in the EWC, the pilot is focused on the use of the EU Digital Identity Wallet in the context of travel – such as providing passenger information, buying goods and services, and trusted business to business interactions. The pilot will focus on situations which are central to people’s online lives and identify barriers and enablers to adoption and scaling of the EUDI wallet. EWC will be piloting usage scenarios alongside complete travel journeys from booking of flights, hotels, check-ins, shopping and payment all across Europe. 

The EUDI Wallet is part of the proposed eIDAS 2.0 regulation, which will provide all European citizens access to a trusted digital identity provided by their government and accepted in all EU Member States and EFTA. The EUDI Wallet will be able to contain additional information, such as a mobile driving license, educational certificates and more, which can be shared with full control of the user. The EUDI Wallet will be used for both government services and private sector, payments as well as other trust services like electronic signing. 

The partnership with EWC means that with Identyum ID Wallet users will soon be able to use it for a complete travel journey – from booking flights, hotels, check-ins, shopping and payment all across Europe.