February 9, 2023
by: Identyum

In the modern era, university students find themselves caught between two worlds. One where their life is still on paper — and another where their classes, finances, and assignments are all digitized. And the funny thing is we are talking about students that are the majority of Generation Z (born from 2000-2010) – a first generation for whom the extraordinary technological advances of the last 20th century are a normal part of life. Technology and the digital world are the ones they are used to from their birth, but they still, have to carry a university diploma as proof of qualification in paper form.

On the other hand, most universities do not hold a digital record of students, neither for domestic students nor for international ones. This means that universities do a lot of manual work and waste their precious time on a manual search for students’ data.

Digital ID wallets can solve the issue of meeting students’ needs while going digital. A digital ID wallet is a highly encrypted cloud storage space where students can securely store their data. A key feature of digital ID wallets is the highest possible level of security of students’ data, with students (and only them) having complete control over it.

Student IDs vs. digital ID Wallets

The primary purpose of a digital ID wallet is not money or making payments but the storage of verified credentials that students can easily share with anybody. Digital ID wallet is designed to store various students’ documents like diplomas, transcripts, certificates, etc., and to share them with any other organization that requests them. This way, students can have their digital documents available anytime without needing physical documents and cards. Students can also add their student ID to their digital ID wallets. This way, students can easily access university facilities (like classrooms, libraries, dorms, etc.) with a smartphone or a similar device with an Internet browser and an Internet connection. Besides personal data, students can also store other things in digital ID wallets, like certificates for the electronic signing of various documents like attendance sheets, scholarships, etc.  

How can HEI benefit from the implementation of digital ID wallets?

The benefits of implementing ID wallets for higher education institutions include the following:

  • Reducing costs;
  • Improving students’ experience;
  • Increased data security for students;
  • Meeting students’ needs;
  • Fraud prevention.

How can students benefit from using digital ID wallets?

Students also can benefit from using digital ID wallets:

  • Easier access to university services
  • Higher mobility, especially for international students;
  • Greater experience;
  • Protection of their privacy and personal data.

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