Financial capacity proof

Prove your financial capacity – without paperwork.

If you sell some of your private goods on an auction site, you probably want to ensure that the other side (the potential buyer) can trust your identity. You want her to be sure you will not send the money to a fake bank account. Similarly, if you are applying for a loan, you need to prove to the bank that the bank account (to which the loan will be disbursed) truly does belong to you and that you are financially capable of paying the monthly loan instalment. Or you may be looking to rent an apartment and need to prove to your next landlord that you can pay the rent.

As with identity data, the same principle of selective data disclosure also applies to financial data: You are always in complete control of which of your financial data details will be visible and to whom. Maybe you want to share your bank account number. Or just your last salary amount. Only you can access that data and decide who can see it.