Identity check

Request others to identify themselves.

Many of us receive e-mails, Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp or Viber messages, Tinder meet requests, SMS messages, or even phone calls from people that we don’t know or we aren’t sure that they are who they say they are. In most cases, we can reasonably determine whether we should trust this virtual person “on the other side of the screen” or not. However, in some situations, it takes a lot of work. For example, are you being contacted by a legitimate HR agent from a recruiting company? Is the introductory e-mail you’ve received coming from the sales agent in the travel agency? Is the person requesting you to let him work for the cleaning company in your building? Is the person you like on Tinder who they say he is? Wouldn’t it be great to check that person’s basic identity parameters (like first name or age group) before you go on a blind date?

With Identyum, you can digitally identify other people – by sending them identification requests. You can choose the minimal set of identity data the other person has to show you to trust them. The person “on the other side of the screen” can always decline to share some of their identity data (that you have requested) with you, but that indicates foul play.