Event registration

Some events (like business seminars, fairs, football games, or concerts) require attendees to register for tickets with their name, or they even need more personal details (like age, residence, or similar). Currently, most online ticket-selling platforms do not have any identity verification whatsoever – the attendee can register for the event using someone else’s personal details – so the event organizer has to manually re-check everyone’s identity at the actual event entrance.

By using Identyum Web API on an online ticket-purchasing site, ticket sellers can be sure that they are issuing the ticket to the person purchasing it. Conversely, the ticket buyer consents to share her digital identity data with the ticket seller, and the system records that the ticket is issued to a verified identity. This way, the attendee does not need to show any ID documents at the event entrance – it authenticates itself with its smartphone, and the system recognizes that this person has a valid ticket and lets the him in. There is no need for bouncers to check tickets and compare validity with ID documents, while at the same time, attendees keep complete control of their personal data!