As the process currently works, the customer registers and rents a car at the rent-a-car booking site. She then travels to the destination airport, finds the rental agency check-in counter, and shares her identity documents and driver’s license, after which the agent prepares a car rental and insurance contract (and some other paperwork), which she then signs.
She then goes to the car parking depot, where she usually again shows a rental contract or confirmation to another person (car issuing agent), who then gives her the car keys.

With Identyum Web API integrated into a car booking site, the customer verifies her ID document and driver’s license even before she leaves for a trip. In addition, she’s issued an advanced signing certificate, which she then uses to sign rental and insurance contracts in a legally valid way. The car booking confirmation is attached to her identity.

This way, once she arrives at the destination airport, she can skip the rental check-in desk altogether. She can go to the car depot, tap her smartphone to the NFC tag there (or scan the QR code), and then authenticate herself on her smartphone to prove that she has a valid rental contract for a specific car. The agent then prepares the vehicle and issues her the car keys.