Financial industry

Digital transformation is the current buzzword in the financial industry. Banks and other companies in the financial sector are spending a lot of resources to digitally transform their companies to align with modern ways of doing business, but at the same time, to keep compliant with strict legal requirements imposed by their governing authorities.

Using Identyum as an independent layer between their current and future clients and themselves, all the complexity of implementing several different technology providers and legal research is transferred to professionals in digital onboarding.

By integrating Identyum on a bank’s website using Identyum Web API (or in a bank’s mobile app using Identyum Mobile SDK), the bank can provide a seamless and frictionless onboarding, authentication & document signing solution for its clients. Whatever the financial product may be (loan, current account, deposit, etc.) or whatever legal requirements need to be met to be able to deliver the best features or services to the bank’s clients, Identyum can provide a bank with a tailor-made solution completely compliant with GDPR, AML, PSD2, eIDAS, and other similar regulations.

Identyum can also enable the bank to get the client’s financial data (with his explicit consent) by using PSD2 API, Open API, or Direct bank interface. This data can be used for many purposes – bank account verification, financial capacity or propensity scoring, and similar products and services.