Avatars and alternative profiles, combined with gamers’ high demand for anonymity, are a “standard feature” embedded deeply in the online gaming industry from its start. However, at the same time, online gaming platforms want to reduce the number of fake gaming profiles to offer customized deals to gamers that will not be misused by faking multiple profiles by the same person. The only way to turn off the creation of multiple profiles is to make sure that each gamer has only one. But – how does a gaming company do that while at the same time respecting gamers’ need for anonymity?

By using Identyum as an independent platform to verify a gamer’s identity, gaming companies do not need to know WHO the person is to be able to be sure that it is a legitimate person with a unique profile. A gamer’s identity remains hidden, while a gaming company can rest assured that he has one and only one profile. If it needs to verify his age, it can do it without asking for any other data about him (and with his explicit consent on which data and for what purpose he is sharing).